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Artificial Worker empowering data-driven decision making
Osiris is an AI-powered Artificial Worker platform that automates data analytics tasks and functions, creating tailored dashboards and reports and delivering immediate interpretation and insights.
Real-Time Insights
Osiris processes and analyses your data in real time, allowing you to make informed decisions at the speed of your business. Stay ahead of the curve with instant, actionable insights
Seamless Integration
Osiris is designed to play well with others. Easily integrate it with your existing systems and tools, making your data analysis smoother and more cohesive.
User-Friendly Expertise
No need for a PhD in data science—Osiris translates complex data into clear and straightforward insights. Empower your entire team to make data-driven decisions without the jargon.
Adaptable and Scalable
Whether you’re a startup or a multinational corporation, Osiris adapts to your needs and grows with you. It’s a future-proof solution for a world driven by data.
Discover our products outstanding Features and take your possibilities to the next level.
Discover our products outstanding
Features and take your possibilities to the next level.
Instant insights to power
quick and informed decisions.
Easily connects with your
existing systems and tools.
Harness cutting-edge AI for
precise, actionable data analysis.
Clear, straightforward reports
that everyone can understand.
Best-in-class protocols to protect
your sensitive information.
Adapts and grows with
your business, big or small.
Discover our products outstanding
Features and take your possibilities to the next level.
  • Launch Osiris System in Your Company
    Implement a comprehensive end-to-end solution within your internal servers. Osiris becomes a part of your in-house toolkit, offering constant, seamless data analysis and insights.
  • Osiris Systems Online Solution
    Connect your data and extract actionable insights without the need for internal hardware. Our cloud-based platform is secure, fast, and incredibly user-friendly.
  • Custom Development
    From simple sites to complex applications, our team crafts bespoke web solutions with Osiris Systems integrated. Tailored to your needs, scale, and industry.
  • Wellbeing Platform
    Revolutionise senior healthcare with our Wellbeing Platform. Get real-time health analysis from wearable sensors and immediate alerts for healthcare providers.
  • Food Retail Platform
    Elevate your food retail management with instant, easy-to-understand data analytics. Make timely, informed decisions and react swiftly to market changes, all at your fingertips.
  • Automatic Reports
    Unleash the power of automation in data reporting with our unique engine. Customise reports of any length based on any data set, simplifying complex data management tasks and saving precious time.
  • Cryptocurrency Analysis Platform
    Stay ahead in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Receive real-time, delay-free market analysis and insights, empowering you to make quick and informed investment decisions.
This section provides quick solutions for all issues that may occur during usage. For further assistance, contact our support team.

Our platform currently supports analysis of cryptocurrencies and basic stocks, with plans to expand to other asset classes in the future.

Osiris is a fully autonomous solution that operates without the need for constant human intervention. It performs real-time data analysis, but its standout feature lies in its ability to generate reports written in plain, easily understandable language. These reports provide comprehensive insights, making complex data accessible to non-analysts, allowing them to gain a clear understanding of the current situation.

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Osiris operates as a self-contained shell that functions independently of a network connection. It can be deployed on your organization's internal servers, enabling it to work within your local network environment. This setup ensures a high level of data security, as it mitigates the risk of data leakage associated with external network connections.

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